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God’s Witness Protection Plan
In the Bible, in Revelation 12:12, it warns us about the time before Jesus returns and when Satan will increase his rage.  He knows he has only a short time left on this earth to torment God's children. Read More

God Makes the Difference
Everyone faces many choices in life. Some of the most important choices have to do with our destiny. The most important destiny for you is choosing God.  Without God in your life, there is a barrenness that you can feel. An empty place that needs to be filled up. Read More
Christmas Treasure
Let me ask you a question, how do you get the good life that is in you out to reach others? II Corinthians 4:7 says, “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.” NKJV  Read More

Have you ever had a dream from the Lord?  Of course many have.  When you think of the word dream, and what it entails, you tend to receive hope from the dream. Read More

You Are Forgiven
We are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ this Easter. How wonderful to know that all our sins have been forgiven when  we ask Him to forgive us.  Have you asked Him to forgive you of  all your sins?  It is the only way to Heaven!  Repentance brings new life and freedom into our lives that only Jesus can bring. Read More

Romans Sent a Message; God Sent one Too
The rulers of the Roman Empire wanted everyone under their power to understand clearly that it would be very costly to try to overthrow their government. They conceived the idea of crucifixion as a way of sending as unforgettable message to all people under their control. Death on a cross would be a slow excruciatingly painful death. The cross would be put in a very public place so as many as possible would get the message:  Don't even think of defying Roman rule! Read More

Procession of the Palms
In Matthew 21:1-9, Jesus sent two of His disciples into the village to find a donkey. It was to be a colt which had never been ridden before.  He needed the colt to ride on as He entered the city of Jerusalem. Read More

Restore the Joy of Your Salvation
Have you had trouble remembering how wonderful it was the day you were born-again, (the day you accepted Jesus)?  Do you remember how excited you were when you realized your life was changing for the better?  How about the day you realized you were finally fulfilled in ways you never thought possible? Read More

Help – I’m Drowning!
Help!  I'm drowning!  Well, maybe you think you are drowning, but actually you are under attack by the enemy.  He is not happy one bit that you are standing firm in your faith and holding on to all the Lord has for you. Read More

I Will Sing
God has given us a joy inside that no one can take away.  Even when we feel down and discouraged, we have the joy of the Lord deep down inside.  We need only to allow it to surface. Read More