Healing and the Mircaculous

PhenomenaIt has been more than thirty-six years since God miraculously healed Joan of several physical disorders, within seconds: an intestinal disease, arthritis in her spine and discs, deteriorating spine and discs, severe pain in her back from a mild case of Polio, as well as one leg being two and one half inches shorter than the other. To be set free from the excruciating pain of these diseases within seconds was a day she will never forget! Her doctor wanted her in a wheelchair to be able to function as a wife and mother was something she never thought she would have the privilege of again. But God in His mercy, power and love, totally healed her forever; preparing her for a Prophetic ministry.

As a result of Joan's healing, her love for Him grew and she began co know Him in a greater way than she had before. Now, knowing of His miraculous healing power, she wants others to know that God will do the same for them if they believe. God is no respecter of persons and His Word never fails! He is faithful and wants to see all of His children healed.

Joan's prayer is that as you read her real life stories of heartwarming faith in Healing and the Miraculous, your faith will grow and you too will be able to praise Him for your miraculous healing!

Joan Hart is a Spirit-filled Christian with a Prophetic call who has ministered for over thirty-six years. Her ministry began with a miraculous healing from the Lord. Joan is a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel and is founder of Hart to Heart Ministries in Portage, Michigan. She pastors Sanctuary of Praise church and Bows in the Prophetic. She also produces a quarterly publication, counsels, teaches Bible studies. Is a conference speaker and has programs on television and radio.

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