How to Have Victory Through Prayer

One cold, dark, winter night in 1975, Joan Hart decided to end her life; but God intervened. She became a born-again Christian, and the Holy Spirit began to show Joan how to find victory and hope in her life.

You might go through life needing answers to your problems, needs, hurts, or desires and not realize prayer can destroy any force the devil might use against you. Through “How to Have Victory Trough Prayer”, you will find the answers you have searched for and how to apply them to your life.

The desire to author Joan Hart’s heart as she shares her story is that she will touch your hurting heart and show you how to have victory as the power of God is released in your own daily life. This is not a book that says you should do this or do that, but a book that teaches you “How to Have Victory Through Prayer.” Decide to be set free today and begin a new journey of victory.

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